Alexandria Regional Police Academy

The Alexandria Police Department’s Training Division operates the Alexandria Regional Police Academy which provides basic peace officer training for APD recruits as well as 9 Louisiana parish sheriff’s offices and approximately forty five other municipal police departments. This 17 week program provides basic recruit training to all cadets and prepares them to pass the Louisiana Police Officers Standardized Training Exam.

The Academy provides progressive and comprehensive training that develop policing skills, enhances individual leadership ability, and promotes a solid ethical foundation to all cadets. The Academy’s core values of professionalism, obligation, leadership, integrity, courage, and excellence are stressed and reinforced throughout the entirety of the program. 

Alexandria Regional Police Academy cadets receive over 600 training hours which greatly exceeds the Louisiana state mandated training by over 150 hours. Once cadets graduate from the Alexandria Regional Police Academy, they enter the world of policing with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform their duties as police officers and begin a lifelong career of protecting and serving their communities.

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Alexandria Regional Police Academy